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Blackjack Mulligan dead at 73. Mulligan also had unsuccessful runs as a promoter, after he and Dick Murdoch purchased the dying West Texas territory from the Funk Brothers, and later as a co-owner of a Knoxville based promotion. Mulligan's career largely ended in 1989 when he served time in prison, with son Kendall, for counterfeiting. Blackjack Mulligan | Pro Wrestlers: Dead or Alive Blackjack Mulligan ( Dead) BlackJack was killing Morales in the corner when out of nowhere a man of the same origin as morales jumped into the ring with a machedi and began to cut seriously slash Blackjack. When Gorilla realized it was not part of the act, … How Did Blackjack Mulligan Die - slots 777 reel deal diner How Did Blackjack Mulligan Die x8 gen2 slots tabla de probabilidades blackjack Wrestler Blackjack Mulligan dies at age 73 | Depend On ...

Apr 8, 2018 ... Director Jason Hehir tells TheWrap how Andre avoided serving in the French army, and that time he nearly drowned BlackJack Mulligan.

7 Apr 2016 ... WWE is saddened by the news that Robert Windham, aka WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan, has passed away. Blackjack Mulligan Death - Wrestler Deaths 25 Oct 2016 ... Blackjack Mulligan was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in '06. In a surprising twist, ... Blackjack Mulligan died on April 7th, 2016. He was 73. Blackjack Mulligan: The Man Who Punched Andre The Giant and ...

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7 Apr 2016 ... Blackjack Mulligan, who died today at the age of 73, was a force of nature. ... and so did I. We had two matches against each other, and I let him ... CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - Blackjack Mulligan's story is hit ...

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Mulligan was the patriarch of a wrestling family, including sons Barry and Kendall, son in law Mike Rotunda, and grandsons Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) and Taylor Rotunda (Bo Dallas). Professional Wrestler. Another Star Passes Away: Death Visit Bray Wyatt’s Family ... WWE has officially announced that Robert Windham, also known as WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan, has passed away. He died at the age of 73 following health related issues. Hence, it is with a heavy heart that we extend our very noble condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Robert Windham. We would […] Mid-Atlantic Gateway: Remembering Blackjack Mulligan The man writing the emails was THE MAN, Blackjack Mulligan! It began the start of a wonderful friendship that lasted until the terrible news of his death came earlier this week. My memories of my friend, Blackjack Mulligan, are of course much different from those of my wrestling hero, Blackjack Mulligan.